[Mailman-Users] Too much rejects from gmail.com recipient

Hedy Dargère hedy.dargere at spheerys.fr
Fri Apr 1 10:53:56 EDT 2016


A user on one of my hosted mailing lists just received a message which
said he must confirm is registration, after too much rejects, before
cancellation of his registration.
He has a gmail mailbox (I don't know if it's matter).
And maybe it is not alone :(

I have send email from my server to my personnal gmail mailbox with
succes, and a test on www.mail-tester.com give my 8/10
You can see the result here : http://www.mail-tester.com/web-KUfidY

I don't have DKIM authentification on the mailman server, and I don't
know if it's possible to set it up.

Else, I don't have any idea how to solve the problem :(


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