[Mailman-Users] List Migration Questions

Richard Robbins rerobbins at itinker.net
Sun Apr 3 08:28:58 EDT 2016

I administer a mailman mailing list that is hosted by a web hosting company.

I am in the process of identifying a new service provider and want to
migrate the mailing list and hope to move the archives.  The customer
service people I have contacted do not seem to know much about mailman and
I am concerned that they might not be able to get me the relevant mbox
file.  The archived messages in monthly chunks are publicly available so I
was hoping that there might be a way for me to access the mbox file without
assistance from the hosting company.  In the alternative, what directions
should I give the hosting company to locate the file.

If I can't get the mobx file is there any way to reconstruct it from the
monthly gzip collections so that my old messages can be integrated smoothly
into a list established with another hosting company?

Thanks for your guidance.

-- Rich

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