[Mailman-Users] My first time setting up mailman, some misc questions/comments

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Apr 14 12:03:18 EDT 2016

Sean McBride writes:

 > I'm assuming that version number is just out-of-date?  Does mailman
 > work with modern postfix?

Yes and yes.  Beware the Debian mailman-to-postfix.py script,
however.  (There's a FAQ about it at http://wiki.list.org/FAQ

 > - I'm doing this on OS X, and notice the docs for that OS are all
 >   *very* out of date.  Would you accept a patch to update the docs?

If you're working with Mailman 2, dubious.  There may never be another
release of Mailman 2 (but Mark is authoritative).  And Mac OS X has
been somewhat unkind to us (Apple's Mailman has been a long-term
source of support requests to which we mostly have to reply "uuuhhh
... install from source and we'll get back to you, Apple's Mailman is

Mailman 3 docs would be very welcome.

 > - OS X's native equivalent of cron is launchd, would you accept
 >   launchd config files matching those of crontab.in for inclusion?

I don't know if Mark will, but I will definitely ensure they get into
Mailman 3, or at least are well-documented (Barry makes the decisions
about code, but docs are always welcome).

Question for you: last I heard, the "launchctl load -w" approach was
deprecated by Apple, but there was no well-documented replacement.
Worse, there was no replacement that actually worked in my
experience. ;-)  Has that situation improved?

Note: Mailman likely has to work on at least Yosemite, possibly
Mavericks or even Mountain Lion.  Knowing Apple, even if there's a
working canonical incantation for the most recent El Capitan, likely
it hasn't been backported. :-(

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