[Mailman-Users] My first time setting up mailman, some misc questions/comments

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Apr 14 12:07:29 EDT 2016

On 04/14/2016 06:32 AM, Sean McBride wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm setting up mailman for the first time, and have a few questions/comments:
> - the docs say "Mailman should work pretty much out of the box with a standard Postfix installation. It has been tested with various Postfix versions up to and including Postfix 2.1.5."  I'm assuming that version number is just out-of-date?  Does mailman work with modern postfix?

Yes. I will update the installation manual.

> - I'm doing this on OS X, and notice the docs for that OS are all *very* out of date.  Would you accept a patch to update the docs?
> - OS X's native equivalent of cron is launchd, would you accept launchd config files matching those of crontab.in for inclusion?

I am guessing the Mac OS X docs you refer to are the wiki page at
<http://wiki.list.org/x/4030523>. If so, you can update that yourself.
See the first paragraph at <http://wiki.list.org/FrontPage> to obtain
write access to the wiki.

In any case, if there are other places that need updating, let me know.

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