[Mailman-Users] My first time setting up mailman, some misc questions/comments

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Apr 14 20:22:40 EDT 2016

Sean McBride writes:

 > I'm not aware of the problems you refer to.  "launchctl load -w"
 > works fine in my experience, though the details of exactly how it
 > works have changed between releases.  Like the man page says: "In
 > previous versions, this option would modify the configuration
 > file. Now the state of the Disabled key is stored elsewhere
 > on-disk..."  Perhaps that's what you're talking about?

Well, "load" is described in a section labeled "Legacy Subcommands",
which begins with dark hints about unimplemented commands.  It does
work for me, but what I read in a thread on the Apple site was that
Apple doesn't promise to ensure that the legacy commands will continue
to work.  On the other hand, the recipe given there involving
bootstrap, enable, and kickstart, did what I expected only erratically.

As long as load still works I'm happy.

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