[Mailman-Users] Language preferences

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 17 07:24:39 EDT 2016

Hi all 

First, thank you ro Mark Sapiro for his link to the "get-welcome" script. 

Next points here: 

(1) The 3 lists are set in language preferences to "German" as preferred language. In the language selection below, only "German" and "English (USA)" are marked as available for the list.  It is obviously not possible to de-select "English (USA)" in the "available languages" for the list completely - or did I miss something?  The list's subscribers are all of German language. 

(2) The administration interface has also switched to German after I set German as the preferred language. Since some translations of the settings are not too clear in German, and some settings even are not translated at all, I like to have the whole interface in English - but of course leave the preferred language unchanged. 

Thank you, 

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