[Mailman-Users] Getting lots of unsubscribe emails after migrating to new mailman version

Steve Wehr steve at tunedinweb.com
Tue Apr 19 16:14:31 EDT 2016

I host about 75 mailing lists for my clients. Last week I completed a
migration to a new server and mailman 2.1.20. Ever since then mailman has
been sending hundreds of unsubscribe notifications to many (but not all) of
the list owners. The emails addresses in question seem to be old bad
addresses that are being bounced. But one user has been receiving 250 such
emails per day. 


Why did this happen after the emigration? Should I just let mailman run it's
course and these will stop on their own? Are there some files I can check to
see what is going on?


Thanks to the community for your help.



Steve Wehr

Tunedin Web Design <http://www.tunedinweb.com/> 



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