[Mailman-Users] Bounce Processing

Richard Robbins rerobbins at itinker.net
Thu Apr 21 06:42:54 EDT 2016

Thanks.  You've all given me much appreciated assistance.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> Mark Sapiro wrote:
> > There are two separate issues here. He cannot send to Mailman and
> > Mailman can't send to him. The first causes him to get the rejections as
> > above and the other causes Mailman's bounce processing to unsubscribe
> him.
> I partially misinterpreted the situation. I have received an off-list
> message from the proprietor of the subject Mailman hosting service with
> whom we have an excellent relationship (and he has now posted to the list).
> He has clarified a few things. The only messages that are bouncing are
> the problem user's posts from the list back to him. He receives other
> user's posts OK, and his posts are delivered to all the list members and
> only the list post to him is bounced.
> It appears to me from what I now know and see that this is a pseudo
> DMARC issue. The user's ISP, pphosted.com is saying that mail which has
> a From: header domain which is "our domain" and To: a user in "our
> domain" must come from our servers to be accepted. I.e., they don't
> publish a DMARC policy, but when checking incoming mail on their own
> servers they pretend they publish p=reject.
> This is not SPF per se. SPF deals only with the domain of the envelope
> sender, not the From: header.
> Since pphosted.com doesn't publish a DMARC policy, you can't work around
> this by setting dmarc_moderation_action. You can set from_is_list to
> Munge From or Wrap Message and I'm sure that will allow these posts to
> go through, but that is a heavy hammer which affects all list posts.
> Perhaps with this info, the user can talk again to pphosted and get an
> intelligent response. This does not appear in any way to be an issue
> with emwd.com's configuration.
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