[Mailman-Users] Seeking Information re: mailman admin page bug

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Apr 30 19:15:47 EDT 2016

Holly Hart writes:

 > I work for an organization that uses several Mailman email lists
 > which I administer.  Starting a couple weeks ago (apparently), the
 > admin request page commands have ceased to function: messages held
 > in the queue remain stuck there, regardless of attempts to discard,
 > reject or accept.

It appears that your hosts with names ending in "iowashares.org" are
provided by Bluehost.com.  Is one of them the host where your mailing
lists are served?  (I'm going to assume that is true.)

Do you have "root" or "administrator" access to the host itself, with
a terminal login, or do you only have access through web forms such as
cPanel or Plesk?  If the latter, you will absolutely have to get
service from Bluehost, or move your mailing lists to another host
where you have better access or get better service.

Regarding the problem itself, what version of Mailman do you have?
It appears all your lists are involved.  Is that true?
How many messages are held in the queues?

 > The source of the issue is apparently on Python's end.

How do you know that?  What version of Python is in use?

 > Unfortunately,there is no way to receive a timely response to what 
 > should be a basic inquiry (and probably something easy to fix).
 > Have others experienced this bug?  Does anyone here know how to fix 
 > this?

Do either of the following resemble your problem?  I doubt it, but
they're the closest I can recall in the FAQ.  The "list locked"
problem seems more likely, but I don't understand why you would have
that problem with all lists at the same time.  Note also that the "-1"
problem has been fixed in later versions than 2.1.5, and you almost
certainly do have a more recent version.



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