[Mailman-Users] Mailman and local user collisions

Barry S. Finkel bsfinkel at att.net
Fri Aug 12 17:55:32 EDT 2016

On 8/12/2016 4:08 PM, Ezsra McDonald wrote:
> I discovered recently that there is a local user and a mailman list with
> the same user at . The mail goes to the list and not the user. What is the
> trick to make Postfix handle these separately?
> Lets say the domain is somewhere.com and the list is list.somewhere.com.
> OS: Redhat Enterprise 6.x
> Mailman Version: 2.1.12
> I read about virtual domains but when I attempt to use them they do not
> like the mailman aliases file. We don't want to generate files every time a
> new list is added, updated or removed.
> Does anyone have a sample config for this setup?
> -Ezsra

If I understand the question properly, you have a Mailman list
and a local user with the same name on the same machine.
There is one alias file (or concatenation of alias files)
that Postfix uses, and Postfix will use the first entry
that it finds in the alias concatenations. Or Postfix
will give an error or warning message about the duplicate entry.
There is no way for Postfix to know whether to deliver the mail to the
Mailman list or to the local user.

In short, I believe that what you want is not possible.
Even with virtual domains, you still have the name conflct.

--Barry Finkel

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