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On 08/24/2016 11:20 AM, Beu, Ed (DOA) wrote:
> We've run into a situation whereas our email archiving system is puking on mail sent from large Mailman lists due to the Message-IDs all being the same on each individual message.
> I found the following article and tried it, without any success.
> https://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2011-November/072525.html

>>Did you try just deleting the Message-ID or replacing it with a Mailman
>>Generated one?

I tried both methods, both did not work.

>>If you are not VERPing or personalizing deliveries, replacing the
>>Message-ID will not be completely effective because the message with the
>>replaced Message-ID will still be sent to chunks with multiple
>>recipients. Whether deleting the Message-ID will be effective or not
>>will depend on when in its processing the MTA adds its own Message-ID.

With VERP turned on it presented issues with our Spam Filter, so not an option.

> Any other suggestions?

>>Enable verp by putting


>>in mm_cfg.py and then replace the Message-ID with a Mailman generated
>>one per

>>or maybe just fix your archiving system.

Plans are in the works for a replacement (O365)! 

>>Note that replacing the Message-ID in this way is a violation of mail
>>RFCs and I don't recommend it.


>>What happens if a local user sends a message with multiple To:, Cc:
>>and/or Bcc: recipients. Doesn't that confuse your archiving system too?
>>What do you do about that?

I don't run the archiving system so not sure.  The archiving admin mentioned he was manually changing MSG-IDs the other day.

Thanks, Ed

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