[Mailman-Users] Hire consultant to install Mailman 3 on Dreamhost

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Fri Aug 26 12:17:45 EDT 2016

Russ Housley writes:

 > I am interested in the internationalization capabilities of Mailman
 > 3, but I thought that it was not ready for production use.  In that
 > not right?

That depends on your use case.  The basic facilities are quite robust
and in production use by several organizations.  But important
features are in process, such as (1) DMARC mitigation (which doesn't
matter if you have no posters at p=reject domains) and (2) your own
interest, localization (the translation stock for core is nonexistent
at present, I'm not sure what localizations HyperKitty and Postorius

Also, Postorius (and possibly HyperKitty) are going to have to undergo
substantial upgrades in the near future, because they currently use
Mozilla Persona for authentication.  We've decided what to do about
that and the work is underway (and looks straightforward to me), but
it's still going to mean an upgrade in the near future if you install

So, production?  Yes, with care.  Turnkey for the general audience?
Not yet.


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