[Mailman-Users] Debugging mass invitations using web page interface...

The Mailing List Server Admin List.Server.Admin at unh.edu
Sat Aug 27 06:16:18 EDT 2016

Mark, once again thank you for your valued expertise...

With regards to the failed thousand invitations submission via the Web

> The admin CGI is processing the mass subscribe/invite list. While it
> is doing this it is not generating any output. If it takes 'too
> long' the web server will time out waiting for output from the
> CGI.

Makes perfect sense.  (I wonder if MM3 uses Ajax or other web
techniques to provide some sort of progress indicator to prevent this
from happening.)

So when Apache timed out, would it have killed the admin CGI on the
way out?  In other words, would the admin script still run to
completion and send out all the invitations from that batch?  Or is it
most likely to have been a partial run?  Am I correct that the only
place I will find a record of the invitations sent will be in the
Sendmail mail logs?  I'd like to avoid sending dup invites if

Thanks for pointer to the command line invitation script.  I'll add it
to my growing arsenal.

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