[Mailman-Users] Configure options not known

Matt Morgan minxmertzmomo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 12:21:45 EST 2016

I'm working on upgrading this old (2.1.12) mailman installation so I can
start addressing DKIM (etc.) related problems with delivery.

I've downloaded 2.1.23. To make sure I was in good shape, I ran configure
and make (not 'make install'). They both worked after I installed dnspython.

However, the instructions in UPGRADING say

run 'configure' with the same options you used in your previous install

I don't know, nor does anyone else at this org, what options may have been
used to configure the 2.1.12 install. Is there a way to figure it out? Or
some way to determine what I might want? If I get them wrong, is there a
way to know that and recover?

Thank you,

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