[Mailman-Users] Find a smtp server to send out emails

William Bagwell rb211 at tds.net
Wed Dec 7 18:55:46 EST 2016

On Wednesday 07 December 2016, Dominik Hoffmann wrote:
> Ever since my ISP, Verizon, quit relaying email messages from addresses
> not ending in @verizon.net, I have been exploring SMTP alternatives. I
> haven't come to a conclusion, but I found an interesting list at
> https://www.formget.com/smtp-service-providers/

I think Leon has his answer, but if you can live with a strict limit of 1,000 
emails per hour a tiny plan at A Small Orange might meet your needs. I have 
the slightly larger small plan which runs $5 per month and have no problem 
sending my ISP address emails outbound through them. This had the added 
benefit of avoiding the Gmail problem of not seeing your own posts to lists 
during the ~five years my ISP outsourced to Gmail. 

Anyone hosting a discusion list should keep in mind that a list with 100 (non 
digest) members would exceed the limit with just 11 posts in one hour. The 
list I help with is split in half on two diffrent plans due to hitting this 
limit years ago. We were prepared to split it into three parts but that 
never proved necessary. 

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