[Mailman-Users] Root URL / vs /listinfo?

Caesar Samsi mailinglist at samsi.us
Sun Dec 11 17:10:42 EST 2016


I have two installations of mailman.

One is version 2.1.18 the other is version 2.1.23

Both apache2.conf, 000-default.conf, default-ssl.conf, and mailman.conf have the same content (they were copied), except for the relevant host specific entries.

The 2.1.18 resolves http://www.mydomain.com <http://www.mydomain.com/> to https://www.mydomain.com <https://www.mydomain.com/> and displays the listinfo page (expected as there’s a ScriptAlias /    /…/…/listinfo)

I’ve tried many things in the RedirectPermanent directive but nothing seems to work to get the 2.1.23 to resolve to /

This happens when I try to reach mailman with http://mail.mydomain.com/ <http://mail.mydomain.com/> 

Thank you, Caesar.

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