[Mailman-Users] Does changing MX impact Mailman 2.1 processing?

Florian Berger lists at florian-berger.de
Sat Dec 17 04:31:40 EST 2016


My email + mailman provider had a server crash and is migrating all mail
services to a different hardware. There is a temporary SMTP server up
collecting incoming mail, but they are held and not propagated until the
whole system runs again.

Since that timeframe is unknown, I am thinking about pointing the MX
record for the affected domain to an own cold-standby backup server.

Question: will the Mailman 2.1 on the old system, once fed with the
already accepted mails, correctly deliver these to the recipients *even*
if the list domain's MX record points somewhere else?

I.e. is Mailman 2.1 in any way dependent on DNS MX record resolving of
its own domain *after* mail has already been accepted my an MTA?

(I do not know the details of the Mailman installation, and my provider
should be the first to be asked, and I did. I'd still value a
shot-in-the-dark third opinion.)



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