[Mailman-Users] Mailman Hosting

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 21 10:56:36 EST 2016

Hi  to East Africa

I do not have any information about their "reputation" with Verizon and
AT&T, but our organization uses digimouse.eu for mail, mailing lists and

You may want to mention my name when contacting them (no,  I do not get
any compensation for my "advertising").


Christian F. Buser, Hohle Gasse 6, CH-5507 Mellingen (Switzerland)      
Hilfe für Strassenkinder in Ghana: http://www.chance-for-children.org

> Odhiambo Washington <mailto:odhiambo at gmail.com>
> 21. Dezember 2016 um 16:46
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of a provider who hosts Mailman and who has a good
> reputation with American ISPs - Verizon and ATT, etc? These providers
> somehow have notoriety blocking mailing list emails. I'm currently hosting
> with a provider based in Oz, but having some difficulties when it comes to
> Verizon and ATT. AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc are all accepting
> mails, but majority of the subscribers are with Verizon/ATT and that has
> really affected one list that I have so I need to change.
> Please recommend one.

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