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Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Wed Dec 21 23:42:28 EST 2016

Hi Odhiambo and Steve,

I'm one of the co-owners of MailmanLists.net that is mentioned in this post.

As Odhiambo said, we've recently moved one of the servers that hosted 
Odhiambo's list. This involved a change of IP address, and at the same 
time the problem with Verizon kicked into play.

All the DNS records (inc SPF, DKIM) are in place, the server is on no 
RBLs, con-current connections to the recieving mail servers is set at 2 
in Postfix. In short, all the right boxes are ticked as far as we can see.

Point noted about the time needed to build a good IP reputation. In 
light of that, we moved the list to our old established server in 
Europe. It has a SenderScore of 99, and of course all the same boxes are 
ticked. Verizon still rejected list mail.

As they have been somewhat resistant to address the issue in any real 
way, I do agree with Steven that they may listen to loud complaints from 
their own customers. However, that doesn't help Odhiambo right now.

We haven't brushed Odhiambo off, but rather have worked with him on this 
problem trying to fix it. However, right now all our best intents are 
not helping - so any suggestions for a workaround on this would be truly 

His list has around 400 members, with 70 or so being Verizon customers.


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  Canberra, Australia
  Tel: +61 .2 61003121

On 22/12/16 15:18, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Odhiambo Washington writes:
>  > mails, but majority of the subscribers are with Verizon/ATT and that has
>  > really affected one list that I have so I need to change.
> Do you have a reason to think a change will help?  As you say, they're
> notorious for blocking list emails.  I doubt their criteria are so
> heavily weighted toward which hosting service you use as to make a big
> difference here.  Rather (as others have suggested) probably any
> change that involves significant flows of duplicate message-ids from a
> new source will get blocked.  Other than that negative effect,
> reputation is something that you build over time.  Trying to buy it in
> an instant is not a good bet.
> The first thing would be to check that your IPs aren't on any of the
> RBLs.  Seems unlikely since you don't have problems with other
> providers, but Verizon may have poor taste in RBLs (as they do in so
> many other ways).  If you're on one, you'll be better off if you can
> get off rather than moving.
> Do you know and conform to their acceptable use policies?  Have you
> talked to their support staff?  They're the only ones who know what
> criteria they actually use to decide what to block.  I wouldn't be
> surprised if they just brush you off, but that's the second thing you
> should try.
> Can you get your subscribers to complain?  That often has more effect
> than complaints from a third party.
> Steve
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