[Mailman-Users] Spam to "-request" address generating backscatter spam

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sat Dec 24 00:14:10 EST 2016

Mark Sapiro writes:

 > I can see that if your attackers get smarter, the real name check could
 > be useful, but I'm not ready to add that as a feature. That could change
 > if they successfully attack me, but that hasn't happened yet.

Based on past experience, by "me" Mark means "you, too".  He's that
kinda guy. :-)

I see Mark's point, though.  Basically, these attacks amount to a DoS
on his development time, and also on real users.  Restrictions on
automated subscription as well as other list actions (posting) are
going to be list-specific, or you are going to end up denying service
to people, elves and dwarves as well as to orcs and trolls.  We don't
really know how to make those distinctions yet, let alone do it well.

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