[Mailman-Users] Mailman Hosting

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sat Dec 24 00:17:12 EST 2016

Odhiambo Washington writes:

 > Okay, so Exim and Postfix act the same in their default configs
 > unless one changes it. Mark (Dale), does your Postfix act the same
 > way? I think it doesn't and maybe it's something you need to take a
 > second look at??

Mark Dale's posts demonstrate knows his business well, so I guess
that's not a problem unless you have direct evidence otherwise.

You may as well calm down.  Your target subscriber population uses
ISPs-that-suck and MUAs-that-suck and generally technology-that-sucks.
Just plan on that basis.

Those are facts, and you (f.v.o. "you" = "all of us", including your
provider) can't do jack about those facts, except prepare workarounds
for them.  Stay close to your provider, keep him happy, and feel free
to post questions here in emergencies.

Sometimes you get lucky.  For example, on the software development
lists I manage, almost all users use Emacs-based MUAs or mutt.  That's
as close to heaven as a list owner can get.  When it comes to DMARC
and my educational mailing lists, my employer's regulator (the
Japanese Ministry of Education Et Cetera) forbids use of Yahoo!
mailboxes, so I can too.  Paradise!  When you run into such luck in
your job or business, exploit it!

But that's just pure luck I did nothing to deserve and don't know how
to regenerate.  It's not reality for most list owners, and almost
certainly I won't be so lucky in my future projects, either.


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