[Mailman-Users] Messages not being delivered

Peter W. Caton peterc at northsld.org
Fri Feb 5 14:02:20 EST 2016

I have just setup a new Mailman server on Ubuntu.

With the help of list members, I have got the web GUI working.

Now, I have discovered that when I send new messages to the one list I have, e-mails are not being delivered.

I did receive the initial e-mail that the list was setup.  However, none of the list members are receiving any new e-mails posted to the list.

I have checked the Archives, and no messages are being received (No messages have been posted to this list yet, so the archives are currently empty).

Here is what I see in the mail.log:

Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table

Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

Peter W. Caton

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