[Mailman-Users] Improper token substitution? Or something else?

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Tue Feb 9 19:32:31 EST 2016

I've noticed that in our Mailman installations here we're getting some
odd addresses showing up in different places. For instance, the
"Welcome" web page contains:

"If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact
mailman at list_hostname.tld." [list_hostname.tld is any list's FQDN]

"mailman" is not the name of the list for which "list_hostname.tld" is
the FQDN of the list, and this address will bounce.

A similar situation happens with the monthly reminder messages for which
userpass.txt is the template. The text going out contains:

"If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to
mailman-owner at list_hostname.tld."

Again, this bounces - "listname-owner at list_hostname.tld" would not.

This is happening on two different Mailman installations, running 2.1.18
and 2.1.18-1.

Do I have a misconfiguration here? The comments in the source indicate
that these token replacements insert _site_ information rather than
_list_ information, so maybe this is the expected behavior. Do I need to
set up a "mailman" address alias for _each_ virtual host on the system
so that these addresses will work? This is doable, but is it documented?

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