[Mailman-Users] Moderation not working with mailman3

Simone Lazzaris simone.lazzaris at qcom.it
Tue Feb 23 08:19:08 EST 2016

Hi all;
I've installed and configured mailman 3 (using mailman-bundler) and it seems 
working as it should, but I've got an issue with the moderation:

I want a list to be moderated, e.g. all the messages by the subscriber must be 
approved by the moderators. All messages from non-subscriber must be rejected.

To achive this, I've set "Hold" in "Default action to take when a member posts 
to the list", under the "Message Acceptance" tab in the Settings of the list, 
and "Reject (with notification)" for "non-member posts".

The non-member part works: messages from non-members are rejected. The 
messages from the members, instead, are accepted and delivered without the 
moderation request.

I think I'm missing something, but cannot figure it out. Anybody can send me 
some hints?


Simone Lazzaris

Qcom SpA 

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