[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 mass subscribe

Igor Maly igor at mmmm.sk
Wed Feb 24 09:50:28 EST 2016

Hello all,

I've created a test list under Mailman 3 and subscribed my 2 addresses to it
via mass subscribe.

I entered only addresses, not real names ("addr at domain.tld" instead of "Name
<addr at domain.tld>").

On both addresses, I've received the expected welcome mail.


(1)    Recipient of the welcome mail is "None <mail-address>", which yields
"None" as recipient name in my mail client (Outlook 2010). I would assume
that, since I did not enter any name, the mail should be addressed "To:
addr at domain.tld" instead of "To: None <addr at domain.tld>".

(2)    In the welcome mail there are some links customized with maillist
name and such. The link "General information about the mailing list is at:"
is fine, reading "https://MYHOST/listinfo/MYLIST". However, the following
link "If you ever want to .. subscription page at" points to
"http://example.com/MYADDRESS", which is clearly wrong. Instead of
example.com there should be MYHOST, and perhaps something more before


Best regards,

Igor Maly

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