[Mailman-Users] Bounce email going to list server admin not list owner...

The Mailing List System Admin List.Admin at unh.edu
Thu Feb 25 10:10:53 EST 2016

Thanks to both Mark (MS) and Stephen for their replies.

MS> All I can suggest is you look at your MTA logs and try to
MS> determine to what message this is a response and what generated
MS> this message.

I track down the original message id, here's what I found in the MTA

1) Msg from sally.non.member@ to the.list-owner@

Now the 'Added to list' subject line starts to make sense.

2) Msg from mailman-bounces to the list owners which so happens to
    include Joe.Anybody who is both a subscriber and an owner of the

So it looks like message bounces to a list owner go to the list server
admin, which is definitely desirable and appropriate.

To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Use the logs, Luke -- *all* of the
logs."  Thanks for helping me figure this out.

                                   the UNH Mailing List System Admins
                                   Bill Costa, senior admin
                                   (603) 862-3056

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