[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 list description - non-ASCII characters?

Igor Maly igor at mmmm.sk
Thu Feb 25 12:36:25 EST 2016

>>I'd like to use non-ASCII characters  in list description.
>>To keep it simple, let's assume I want the list description to be 
>>single character "á" (Unicode: \u00e1, UTF-8: C3 A1).
>>I can enter such a description in list identity page 
>>(http://MYHOST:8000/mailman3/lists/MYLIST/settings/list_identity, field 
>>After hitting Save changes the description still reads "á", but 
>>reloading the settings page yields a single question mark "?" there.
>>Lists overview (http://MYHOST:8000/mailman3/lists/) shows "?" too in 
>>Description column.

>Barry Warsaw:
>I don't know whether that's a problem in Postorius, core, or both.
>You'd have to inspect the database entry or the ORM MailingList object 
>to see what's stored in the core. There are several ways to do this; 
>if you're using SQLite, you could dump out the database table directly. 

Let's see:

root at srv01:/opt/mailman/mailman-bundler/var/data# sqlite3 mailman.db
sqlite> select description from mailinglist;
sqlite> select unicode(description) from mailinglist;
sqlite> update mailinglist set description="á" where description="?";
sqlite> select description from mailinglist;
sqlite> select unicode(description) from mailinglist;

After this update, the description is what I wanted. It shows correctly both in lists overview and in the list identity page.
If I hit Save changes from GUI, I get "?" again.
So it would seem the problem is getting non-ASCII char from GUI to the db.
I even tried the db-update-way with longer non-ASCII strings, and everything was fine up until (re)saving the description from GUI.
Shall I file a bug?


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