[Mailman-Users] banned subscription questions

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Feb 26 12:03:52 EST 2016

Hone, Don writes:

 > I'm able to ban a specific email address by using the withlist command:
 > ~mailman/bin/withlist -a -r add_banned -- address at domain.com
 > Is there a command that I can use to reverse this?

I'll have to pass that to Mark, it's his script.

 > What is the correct format to ban all addresses in a domain? 
 > *@domain.com didn't seem to do it for me.

Regular expression.  "*" is not a wildcard in a regular expression, it
is a repetition operator.  The wildcard for "any character" is a
period.  To match any string (including the empty string), use ".*".
To get a literal period, you quote it with "\".  To ban all addresses
in a particular domain, use ".*@domain\.com$".  If there are multiple
periods, you should quote them all with backslashes.

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