[Mailman-Users] Switching to Mailman?

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 28 10:41:36 EST 2016

Hi all

I did not so far use Mailman at all, but I am obviously forced to replace my current list server software :(

So far, I am using LetterRip (Version 4.07) on a Mac Mini with MacOS X 10.6. Earlier I also had used Macjordomo X 1.6a5 for some other lists. But both these softwares are programmed for the PowerPC processor and require "Rosetta" to use them on a more modern Intel-based Mac. And Rosetta is not available for operating systems after 10.6. So I am more or less forced to look for another solution. 

I woul dlike to use again a Mac Mini for this task, which will have no public IP-address and no DNS entry pointing to it for mail delivery. I found a solution to use "fetchmail" for getting inccoming messages from a standard POP3 mailbox.  

* Does anybody have experience on such a setup, especially regarding whether it works reliably? 

* What Operating System should I prefer for Mailman? The standard MacOS, or the Server version? I have nearly every MacOS ar my disposal starting from 10.4 or so (but I think 10.6 should be the minimum to use) of the standard version, as well as 10.6 Server, as well as the "Server Apps" version 2.2.1, 3.0.3, 3.2.1. and 4 (which, I think, belongs to MacOS X 10.10).

* Can "standard" Mailman reliably work on MacOS X / MacOS X Server? What should be preferred?

* Better use Mailman 2.1 or Mailman 3? 

* Does anybody here work with the Apple-version of Mailman? 

* Or, does anybody here have a proposal for a different List Server software than Mailman? 

I am presently running 2 mailing lists. Both are "announcement lists" where no discussion is possible. One has about 120 or so addresses, the other has about 500. The smaller one gets messages for distribution about twice a month, the bigger one once in about every 2-3 months. Both lists allow attachments.

Thank you, Christian 

Christian F. Buser, Hohle Gasse 6, CH-5507 Mellingen (Switzerland)      
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