[Mailman-Users] Config dump? - WAS Re: speed up mailman

Ruben Safir mrbrklyn at panix.com
Mon Feb 29 01:42:59 EST 2016

On 02/28/2016 10:04 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> IIRC, that means that DNS
> lookup failed with no result, not that the relevant nameserver (the
> .org rootserver in this case) said there was no such domain.  That
> probably means multiple timeouts on DNS lookups, each of which might
> take 30 seconds.  (I tried "host gnutelephony.org" myself, and got a
> DNS timeout after 30 seconds.) 

It is a strange thought but failure of one message shouldn't prevent the
new messages in mailman to go out in real time.  The definition of real
time is immediately when the mail is received, it is processed and sent
through.  A sweep, which is how it currently behaves, means that mailman
holds on to all its messages, maybe for 10 minutes, and then shoots them
all through to postfix at that point, and then it stops doing sending
again until it feels like it.  What I want to set iut up to do, if it
can, is send the messages out right away as soon as it gets them.  I
want it to ignore the time outs and bounces and just send the messages
out right away, when they arrive and after post processing the headers etc.

I don't care if it takes 30 seconds to do dig  gnutelephony.org.  It
should just ignore that sent message and not do anything if it times
out.  I'm running mailing lists on coding and meetings and politics, not
running 911.

Can it be set up like that and if so, please tell me how.


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