[Mailman-Users] transport-mailman and virtual-mailman not updated with new list

Eggert Ehmke eggert.ehmke at berlin.de
Wed Jan 6 17:24:30 EST 2016

Am Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016, 13:28:12 schrieb Mark Sapiro:

> What is important is that if in mailman's directory, you run
> for list in `bin/list_lists -b`; do
>  bin/dumpdb lists/$list/config.pck | grep host_name.:
> done
> That every listed host_name be in POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS
> Is that the case?

When I run this command, it first only showed me the domain of my first mailing 
list. I then discovered in the web gui, that the hostname for the new list was 
set to the domain of the old list. I changed that in the web gui (where is the 
corresponding entry in the mailman config?) After that run above command again, 
and now both domains are listed.

> When you run bin/genaliases, is there any output to the terminal? If so,
> what?

No output. After running genaliases, data/aliases and data/virtual-mailman 
have new time stamps. However, only data/aliases has all mailing lists, 
data/virtual-mailman has only the old list.

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