[Mailman-Users] Daily Restarts Needed

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Mon Jan 11 13:47:59 EST 2016

We are having problems with mailman needing to be restarted to complete
sending email to our lists.  The problem has been getting worse over time
and is now almost a daily requirement.  I spent some time debugging this
morning and found some issues.

I used top to look at the number of active processes that are owned by user
mailman.  I found 35 processes including 14 command "mailmanctl".  This
looks like it might be the source (at least one of them) to our problems.
Mailman is currently delivering email to our users after a restart.

I would like to clear this up without rebooting our server.  Please give me
some input on a plan to clean this up.  Here is a start:

   - wait for the need for mailman to be low -- we send email three times
   per day to newsletters & and have no forums/blogs
   - service mailman stop
   - delete all processes running under mailman
   - ?? should I clear lock files or other actions ??
   - service mailman start
   - verify the proper number of process are running -- ?? there should be
   eight processes ??

I would also like input on additional debug techniques to find the root
cause of this issue.

Thanks, Greg

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