[Mailman-Users] diacritics in from header with from_is_list set to munge

gabriel gabriel at unseen.is
Wed Jan 20 14:38:34 EST 2016


i just noticed several times now that a bunch of users (most of them 
subscribed with their yahoo email address) get bounced off my list 
when the senders address contains diacritical marks in their 
additional text field describing the name e.g 

  From: "valérie" <valerie at somesomain.com>

the problem here occurs when setting /munge from/ in from_is_list. the 
text between the quotes is merged with the string "via " and then the 
name of the list e.g.

  From: "valérie via mylist <this at is.my.list>"

but in mailman 2.1.20 this merging breaks presumably because of the 
character encoding.

what happens is that the From string in the mailman list header is no 
longer a valid email address but two totally mixed up. the then have 
the list name split accross both addresses and the domain is not 
correct either.

this obviously violates yahoo's dmarc policy and therefore users start 
to bounce.

what can i do?

thanks in advance,

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