[Mailman-Users] Users complain, they don't receive mails from the list

Sascha Rissel mailman at rissel.it
Mon Jan 25 19:27:24 EST 2016

Dear Mark and all others,

many thanks for your help so far.
I am just starting to setup this subdomain, Mark advised me to.

One thing regarding the Reverse DNS entry:
How can it be necessary, to set up this record? Just imagine a server,
where multiple domains are hosted, but the server only has one IP.
If the ISPs really require rDNS entries, which suit to the mail originating
domain, one would always need a 1:1 mapping of IP and domain, preventing
multiple domains on a one-IP server, isn't it?

Kind regards,

2016-01-26 0:48 GMT+01:00 Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:

> On 01/25/2016 03:27 PM, Sascha Rissel wrote:
> > Hi Mark!
> >
> >> In simple terms, it claims your mail server is not properly configured.
> >> I don't know what your Mailman server's domain name is, but it appears
> >> from the error message that its IP is and that IP has an
> >> rDNS PTR record to euve51864.serverprofi24.de.
> >
> > this is all pretty correct.
> >
> > "euve51864.serverprofi24.de" is the natural name of the vServer, I am
> > running.
> > I don't have a real domain configured, since I mainly just use it for
> > mailman.
> As I indicated in a follow-up post web.de is apparently not allowing
> 'generic' domains any more.
> > I configured all Mailman lists to use something like <list name>@
> rc-worms.de,
> > where <rc-worms.de> is the www domain of my sports club, whose
> > administrator I am.
> > For better readability I named and configured all lists this way, to use
> <
> > members at rc-worms.de>, <team1 at rc-worms.de> as exlicity reply-to address
> and
> > so on.
> >
> > This worked pretty well for years.
> > Did it now turn into a problem, that reply-to address and domain () bear
> a
> > different IP/rDNS result?
> That is not the problem as far as I can tell. The problem is that the
> specific domain you are using for your mail server,
> euve51864.serverprofi24.de, is now seen as a 'generic' name and is not
> acceptable to web.de.
> > Is there something you could suggest in this case?
> >
> > Should I maybe configure a subdomain on my vServer, like <
> lists.rc-worms.de>,
> > from which the mails will be send from and can bear own DNS config?
> Yes. lists.rc-worms.de should be good. I would have suggested just
> rc-worms.de, but that already has an A record pointing to a different
> server.
> The issue you will run into is that while you can configure the MTA to
> identify itself as lists.rc-worms.de and you can create the A record for
> it, you don't control the rDNS PTR record for That's
> controlled by intergenia.de. It may be no problem to get them to change
> it, but it could be a stumbling block. You'll find out when you ask.
> With respect to the underlying issue here, ISPs are getting more and
> more fussy about only accepting mail from what they consider to be real
> mail servers. Trying to run a mail server with a dynamic IP or an IP
> with a 'generic' host name is just not possible if you want reliable
> acceptance of your mail.
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