[Mailman-Users] mailman and yahoo

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jul 9 11:41:04 EDT 2016

On 7/9/16 1:24 AM, Manuel Goepfert wrote:
> Looking at some documentation I found out that this was a known problem and that it was addressed in on e of the mailman version. So I upgraded to 2.1.18 that included that fix but I?m still facing this problem.
> Do you guys have the same issue and if yes are you able to mitigate it in any way ?

Now that you have upgraded, you need to set the list's Privacy
options... -> Sender filters -> dmarc_moderation_action to Munge From or
Wrap Message.

Wrap Message is better from a standards compliant point of view, but
tends to have issues with some MUAs, particularly on mobile devices, so
Munge From is often the better choice.

If you have done this and are still having issues with mail From: a
yahoo.com user being bounce by recipient ISPs, are the messages being
munged or wrapped so that these messages as sent from the list are From:
user name via list name list at example.com?

If not, something is wrong. Do you see messages like 'DNS lookup for
dmarc_moderation_action for list list_name not available' or
'DNSException: Unable to query DMARC policy for user at yahoo.com
(_dmarc.yahoo.com) ...' in Mailman's error log? Do you see 'DMARC lookup
...' messages in Mailman's vette log?

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