[Mailman-Users] Problems with Mail Delivery

Gines Granados Bayona ginesgb at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 07:49:00 EDT 2016

Hello, good to everyone,  I sent the requested information and thanks very
much mark at msapiro.net.
I have two users , one local  and one external
The two are different in multiple subdomain, one of them a local subdomain
rancid. email.company.com email.company.com

In local in this case would be rancid. email.company.com, have registered
this machine with this name and have made the installation mailman with
postfix, and have observed the log, it tries to send email both local and
external  domain account but do not get sent email.

User ginesgb  is a user of an external server email.company.com and the
other user is local.

I send you the information you are requesting me,  and plus a diagram,

Greeting and thank you very much

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