[Mailman-Users] Support for Internationalized Domain Names and Email Addresses

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Jul 20 03:13:19 EDT 2016

Russ Housley writes:

 > As far as I can tell, Mailman will not let me include an email
 > address that uses IDN or EAI as a mail list recipient.  Has anyone
 > figure out how to use either one of these?

It's up to Mark, but I doubt this will be done in a Mailman 2 release,
it's a bit tricky and seems likely to require invasive changes to get
display on web pages right and so on.  Please file an RFE for Mailman
3, though.

For now, the algorithms are widely implemented in MUAs and language
libraries.  If you can't find a program to do it yourself (eg, on PyPI
or Sourceforge), you could always scrape the address out of the
off-the-wire headers using "view original" (or whatever feature your
MUA offers) on mail from those addresses.  (As always in email header
fields, it's somehow encoded in ASCII -- the MUA has to convert to
viewable form.)

Sorry I can't be of more direct help today, it's "remove alligators
before draining swamp" time at $DAYJOB.


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