[Mailman-Users] Sudden Disabled/Unsubscribed list members?

Karl Smith karl.david.smith at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 6 06:10:12 EDT 2016

Can someone please help. 

I have used the Mailman system v2.1.22 successfully for a number of years
without major issue and operate 4 different lists. Recently, my CAMRA
Members list (the biggest one with about 700 email addresses) has stopped
sending me a bounce copy and has on two occasions rejected one of my
messages and unsubscribed a large (apparently random) number of the members,
including me one time. There is no pattern to the servers involved. I
reversed the flags individually in the system which worked for some but some
people are still not getting messages although their Config looks normal. I
have tried removing and re-adding addresses but this does not work. They are
not on the Ban list and my messages have not been blocked into their Junk
folder.  I turned on the ackn so now I get an ackn message that a message
has been sent.

Note I have been away on a 2month extended holiday Feb/mid April and these
problems started when I resumed activity (I am the Branch Secretary and main
user of this list).

Note that I am not a computer or software expert and only use basic



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