[Mailman-Users] Sudden Disabled/Unsubscribed list members?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jun 6 23:27:06 EDT 2016

On 06/06/2016 03:10 AM, Karl Smith wrote:
> I have used the Mailman system v2.1.22 successfully for a number of years
> without major issue and operate 4 different lists.

I assume you mean 2.1.22 and prior versions since 2.1.22 was released
less than 2 months ago.

> Recently, my CAMRA
> Members list (the biggest one with about 700 email addresses) has stopped
> sending me a bounce copy and has on two occasions rejected one of my
> messages and unsubscribed a large (apparently random) number of the members,
> including me one time.

I am having difficulty understanding the issue. What exactly do you mean
by "rejected one of my messages"? I.e. you sent a message to the list
and then what happened. Do you mean you received a rejection notice from
Mailman? If so, what did it say. If you mean something else, what?

The unsubscriptions were probably due to bounce processing. What are
your bounce processing settings? In particular are all the owner
notifications turned on and did you receive any notifications?

> There is no pattern to the servers involved.

Do you mean the domains of the members who were unsubscribed?

This could be a DMARC issue. Particularly if only around the time this
started, a user or users started posting From: a yahoo.com or aol.com or
other address with a domain publishing a DMARC p=reject policy or if you
have regular posters in any of the yahoo.fr, yahoo.jp or other 'foreign'
yahoo domains as these recently also started publishing a DMARC p=reject
policy. Do you have Privacy options... -> Sender filters ->
dmarc_moderation_action set to Munge From or Wrap Message? (Your users
will probably prefer Munge From) See the FAQ article at

> I
> reversed the flags individually in the system which worked for some but some
> people are still not getting messages although their Config looks normal. I
> have tried removing and re-adding addresses but this does not work. They are
> not on the Ban list and my messages have not been blocked into their Junk
> folder.  I turned on the ackn so now I get an ackn message that a message
> has been sent.

Investigating this generally requires access to the MTA logs on your
Mailman server. If this is a hosted Mailman, talking with the hosting
provider may help. If posts are bouncing, setting Bounce processing ->
bounce_notify_owner_on_bounce_increment = Yes may help you understand why.

> Note that I am not a computer or software expert and only use basic
> functionality.

I can understand that and I am not unsympathetic, but even if you are
non-technical, it helps a lot to describe exactly what you see. We will
try to help, but at some point, the people who administer the Mailman
installation may need to be involved

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