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Hi, any idea why when I visit the admindb page it says "There are no
pending requests." What should I look for??? I believe it has worked
previously. Mailman 2.1.20 running on Yosemite 10.10.5 after a novice
installation (that was a hoot!) but has been working seemingly OK for
several months.

Thanks for any help.


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I have an orchard in Mequon WI - just north of Milwaukee.  I applied for
TAP in October 2014.  The process has been a nightmare.  I just received
payment for the program.  The local FSA office personal changed the rules
on how the application was written after I complied with their initial
requirements.  That change 'disqualified' 90% of my damage.  I had to fight
the local office at the state level.  The state level coordinator
disallowed all damaged trees.  The federal record for the program allows
credit for damaged trees.  I had blocks of Honeycrisp (6000+ trees) with 30
- 40% dead trunks - southwest injury from the -28 degrees.  Damage in the
block was 80% of the trees. None of that injury was credited under the
program rules.  I have to remove those trees as they are getting infected
with black rot and other fungi .  The state officer stated if the tree can
grow one apple - it's not damaged even if the whole top or one side is
dead. I submitted a claim for over $14,500 using the formula they required
just for the dead trees.  Payment was $5,800.  Better than nothing but
never again.  The amount of time documenting the orchard loss, time lost in
many 3+ hours meetings,  upset and bad feelings do not compensate me for
trying to work with FSA.  I'm never going back to FSA for any program!
Bob Barthel
Barthel Fruit Farm

On 6/11/2016 10:07 AM, Pat Curran wrote:

> I'd like to know what, if any, experience fellow growers might have had
> with the government's Tree Assistance Program (TAP) that was put in place a
> couple of years ago to "assist" growers with replanting (replacing) trees
> that were killed by the severe winter of '14?
> Pat Curran
> Currans Orchard
> 6385 Kilburn Avenue
> Rockford, Illinois 61101
> 815-963-7848
> pat at curransorchard.com
> www.curransorchard.com
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Jon Clements
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393 Sabin St.
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