[Mailman-Users] Important: How to find the mailman list owner real email address

Anilkumar Padmaraju apadmaraju at guidewire.com
Wed Jun 15 03:39:21 EDT 2016

This is important any help will be great!

For example, if the mailman list name is test at mailman.example.com<mailto:test at mailman.example.com> the owner will be test-owner at mailman.example.com<mailto:test-owner at mailman.example.com>, but we have to find the actual owner person email with his/her name like name at example.com<mailto:name at example.com>.  Is there any file in mailman which contains the person emails of the list owner.  We can find one by one by going to mailman.example.com/mailman/admin link, clicking a list, and seeing the username there.  But we have over 300 mailing lists, and manually going to each link and checking is time consuming.

If there is one file or a command to run and find owners email with their name, that would help a lot.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


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