[Mailman-Users] Remove individual msgs from archive

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Jun 16 03:08:19 EDT 2016

William Bagwell writes:

 > Pretty sure the answer is still no. Requested this myself about six years 
 > ago. Have hope we will get this ability in Mailman 3! 

Definitely not in Mailman 3 core, it will depend on the archiver.  For
example, if the backend is mail-archive.com, no -- you'll have to go
through mail-archive.com.

If the backend is HyperKitty (part of the Mailman 3 bundle), it's
definitely possible (HyperKitty stores messages in a database, not in
individual HTML files identified by order in an mbox), but I don't
know if it's implemented yet.

I don't have time to check the HyperKitty dox today, sorry, but you
can follow this issue:


which is an RFE for exactly that.

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