[Mailman-Users] Our list serv host is threatening to shut us down for spam, abuse

John mailman-owner at rx7-world.net
Fri Jun 17 13:06:38 EDT 2016

On 6/17/16 9:21 AM, Jim Dory wrote:
> We have mounting complaints from AOL,
>> Yahoo and Hotmail

I think that says it all...  I have regular issues with the free email services,
requiring email exchanges with their IT groups. Every time they tighten the
SPAM/UCE rules, all hell breaks loose.  :-/   At one time I was even considering
just dropping all free email service subscribers.

I've run my mailman lists for over 6 years now on my own VMs hosted by LINODE.
Makes me responsible for my own IPs & their reputation...  I used to use Go
Daddy VMs, but they used a common out going email server pool, more like a
cesspool. Had lots of problems because Go Daddy IP blocks were always on
somebodies block list. :-(


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