[Mailman-Users] Our list serv host is threatening to shut us down for spam, abuse

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Fri Jun 17 13:27:07 EDT 2016

Thanks for replies!

I've discovered the Mailman document dealing with this issue:
and apologies for not finding it before posting.

So I've tried creating feedback loops as per the instructions there with
Yahoo, AOL (who uses them anymore?) and Microsoft. Microsoft requires
confirmation from the host so I haven't been able to get them onboard yet.
But I've taken these steps and outlined them to the host, but I haven't
heard back. I also tried whitelisting with Yahoo but they too want the
owner of the IP address (the host) to apply - and I don't think I can get
Hawkhost to do that. At least they haven't responded yet about it. If I
were them I would probably be reluctant as well, not knowing about our

With the feedback loops I hope I can identify the offenders (those on our
list that are marking messages as spam) and work with them to either get
them to unsubscribe or educate them on how to manage the messages. (there
can be 20-30 messages a day on a busy day.)

thanks, Jim

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 9:06 AM, John <mailman-owner at rx7-world.net> wrote:

> On 6/17/16 9:21 AM, Jim Dory wrote:
> > We have mounting complaints from AOL,
> >> Yahoo and Hotmail
> I think that says it all...  I have regular issues with the free email
> services,
> requiring email exchanges with their IT groups. Every time they tighten the
> SPAM/UCE rules, all hell breaks loose.  :-/   At one time I was even
> considering
> just dropping all free email service subscribers.
> I've run my mailman lists for over 6 years now on my own VMs hosted by
> Makes me responsible for my own IPs & their reputation...  I used to use Go
> Daddy VMs, but they used a common out going email server pool, more like a
> cesspool. Had lots of problems because Go Daddy IP blocks were always on
> somebodies block list. :-(
> John
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