[Mailman-Users] moderator page behind nginx with SSL

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jun 18 06:39:06 EDT 2016

John Griessen writes:

 > The rest of mailman version 2.1.22
 > is working fine with SSL and some rewriting by nginx and yet
 > https://cibolo.us/mailman/admindb/open_electroporator  gives a message
 > "will be sent over an insecure connection" when I seta button to
 > discard and then do the submit all data button.

Do you have a proper certificate for the host, rooted in a well-known
service?  I suppose you do, but it's the first thing to check.  The
second is whether that root service is listed in your browser's list
of trusted roots.

Third, is this actually SSL and not TLS?  SSL is in fact considered
insecure by many experts; many libraries implementing these protocols
now refuse to use SSL (even v3), and some issue a warning if the
server forces it.

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