[Mailman-Users] NotAMemberError on Subscribe

Christopher A Puchalski chris.puchalski at raytheon.com
Thu Jun 23 15:50:37 EDT 2016

Please disregard, this looks to have been an error on some customization we
did not related to source files. Sorry.

Christopher Puchalski

From:	Christopher A Puchalski <chris.puchalski at raytheon.com>
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Date:	06/23/2016 11:44 AM
Subject:	[Mailman-Users] NotAMemberError on Subscribe
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I see several mentions of the NotAMemberError happening on unsubscribe but
I am getting it when adding a member to a list. In my case we had a list of
people that just one person was an issue. As it turned out that particular
person's email address was a misspelled version of someone that is already
a member of other lists. For the sake of example we can call that person's
correct email is wwwrong at domain.com which takes fine and is already an
established user. When you try to add wwrong at domain.com the error comes up.
I have been unable to duplicate except that one exact example and another
slight misspelling. Thanks for any help that I can get in advance.

Christopher Puchalski
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