[Mailman-Users] I closed my lost but still get notices

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Mar 1 22:20:45 EST 2016

paul at tokyoprogressive.org writes:

 > I used to have a list that I closed (I deleted it in Cpanel).

Talk to the host admins or cPanel.  It may be a Mailman problem, but
we don't know anything about cPanel's list administration code, and
this is definitely an area where cPanel has made modifications to
Mailman itself as well.  Sorry, but really, we just can't help you
with cPanel-specific functions because we don't know how it works.

If there are no lists at all left on the host and you have root
access, use the package manager to uninstall Mailman.

If that doesn't help, come back and we can talk about search-and-
destroy on the relevant parts of Mailman on the host, but if you don't
already know how to do such surgery, you risk completely breaking the


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