[Mailman-Users] Trouble installing mailman.client?

treal tv trealtv at yandex.com
Wed Mar 2 11:16:15 EST 2016

I noticed today on a new box I couldn't install mailman.client via pip 
or easy_install. I actually got it to install with pip by removing the . 
(so it was just mailmanclient)

But then when I launch a python shell, I can't use mailmanclient as a 
module. So if I list the available modules, it doesn't show up:

['alembic==0.8.4', 'falcon==0.3.0', 'flufl.bounce==2.3', 
'flufl.i18n==1.1.3', 'flufl.lock==2.4.1', 'httplib2==0.9.2', 
'lazr.config==2.1', 'lazr.delegates==2.0.3', 'lazr.smtptest==2.0.3', 
'mailman-hyperkitty==1.0.0', 'mailman==3.0.1', 'mako==1.0.3', 
'markupsafe==0.23', 'nose2==0.5.0', 'nose==1.3.7', 'passlib==1.6.5', 
'python-editor==0.5', 'python-mimeparse==1.5.1', 'requests==2.9.1', 
'six==1.10.0', 'sqlalchemy==1.0.11', 'zope.component==4.2.2', 
'zope.configuration==4.0.3', 'zope.event==4.1.0', 
'zope.i18nmessageid==4.0.3', 'zope.interface==4.1.3', 'zope.schema==4.4.2']

I mentioned it in #mailman IRC and someone else noticed it was an issue 
on his machine too.

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