[Mailman-Users] LDAP2MemberAdaptor

Sebastian Rettenberger sebastian.radish at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 13:17:59 EST 2016

Dear Mailman Users,

I would like to point you to a LDAP member adaptor I have written for Mailman 
2: https://github.com/rettenbs/mailman-ldap-memberadaptor

It is based on the work of https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+bug/558106 but 
allows the adminstrator and the user to change most of the configuration 
options, e.g. digest/non-digest, enable/disable mail delivery, .... 
(Adding/removing users is still not possible.) To store these options, the 
build in member adaptor is used (no external database or LDAP modifications 
are required).

Groups are also handled a bit different from the original LDAP adaptor: The 
orignal adaptor assumes that group stores user dn's while my adaptor connects 
them via the uid. I replaced this part because our LDAP is structured this way 
but it should not be to difficult to get back the original functionality. 

Be aware that the code is new in still in beta. Bug reports and patches are 

Best regards,

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