[Mailman-Users] Dreamhost moderator login (also, a couple questions)

Barry Rueger barry.rueger at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 20:13:20 EST 2016

I've spent an hour or so in the wiki, FAQs, and searching archives and
Google, and have thus far come up dry.

I have a one-click install of Mailman 2.1.17 at Dreamhost.com.

I just added two users as Moderators, and am now trying to figure out how
they can log in.

The particular need is to add or remove the occasional list subscriber. I
THINK a Moderator can do this?

Every source that I've found says that moderator login is at:


Problem is that the URL for the list I'm running is:


I've tried every way of adding /mailman/  and or /admindb/ to that URL and
can't make it work.

Anyone have a pointer for me?

Many thanks.

The thing that I love about Mailman is that since setting up this list
three years ago it has required absolutely no attention - it just keeps


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North Vancouver BC V7K 2Y2

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